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Stewardship Coach


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The purpose of Pomagranite is to motivate Christians to be generous. Only through a Christ-centered understanding of stewardship, solidly grounded on Scripture, can this be accomplished. Pomagranite will partner with churches, ministries, and organizations to encourage passionate stewardship so that the church can prosper.


Philip Marley, founder of Pomagranite, has helped raise over $50 million for non-profit organizations. He has helped many individuals and families with estate planning and other creative gifting opportunities. 



Stewardship Campaigns

Organizing and implementing a capital campaign can be difficult to ensure success. Let Pomagranite assist in navigating the difficult waters of a stewardship campaign. Phil has assisted in raising over $50 million.

Gifting Solutions

If you are looking to maximize your stewardship, Pomagranite can help. Charitable gift annuities, IRA rollover gifts, appreciated stock, and other opportunities can become a reality with our services. 

Estate Planning


Nothing is more important than the well-being of your family. A living trust protects your family in life and death. Pomagranite recommends Financial Planning Ministry ( to assist in creating your Living Trust.  Philip serves as an Estate Consultant with FPM

Dream With Your Team

Philip has the ability to think beyond the mundane. God has blessed him with a vivid imagination which can catapult your church or organization to the next level. Don't let the statement, "We've never done that before," lessen your ministry's effectiveness. 

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