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Most people ask, “What does Pomagranite mean?”  The letters POM stand for "Peace Of Mind."  Pomagranite will provide this peace of mind to churches, families and individuals.  Granite symbolizes stability and the “rock solid” financial solutions Pomagranite provides. 


The word "Pomagranite" is spelled differently than the pomegranate fruit, but it does relate to the Biblical reference to the hundreds of pomegranates cast in bronze at Solomon's Temple. These chains decorated the top of the capitals on each of the twin pillars (1 Kings 7). The pomegranate fruit is known for its seeds - some containing up to six hundred. 


We have a passion to strengthen churches including the families who make up the church.  Philip has encouraged generosity for ministry and families for over twenty-five years.  His focus is toward the transformation of hearts that will lead to fulfilling the Great Commission. 


Through Pomagranite, believers will understand the relationship between their possessions and their spiritual maturity.  This will encourage them to conform to the image of Christ and be generous, as Christ is generous.  Like many other blessings God bestows, possessions are a tool He uses to shape our souls and to win the world for Christ.



Peace of mind for churches,

individuals & families



Rock solid financial solutions

provided by Pomagranite.

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